My story about the dolls began after I donated my old sewing machine; because I was convinced I would not sew anymore. I have seven grandchildren and they give me great pleasure and I like to devote myself to them. Their world is undistorted, rich in imagination, and creative, and their ideas are full of surprises. They cheer me up every day. They were my inspiration for sewing dolls. I sewed a doll manually and gave it to my daughter Alenka for her birthday. Then I bought a new sewing machine, a variety of colourful fabrics, padding, wool, made a pattern for a 40 cm long doll and started sewing. I was proud of my doll and gave it to my granddaughter. I made the second and the third and the ideas just multiplied. I wanted my dolls to be cheerful, so I embroidered their eyes and mouth. I enjoyed sewing soft dolls and every doll made me happy.

My heart jumped even more when I was able to give the doll to somebody and thereby enlighten their day. I made some fifty people happy in that way.

Alenčica punčka iz cunj